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Clear liquid product treatments are simply wiped on and wiped off in minutes!

Keep Kitchen and Bath Areas Cleaner, Longer -- Looking Better Than New

Green Kits for Bath, Stone, Countertop

Tekon Universal Sciences Inc. (Tekon US Inc.) has developed an affordable line of green environmental products for kitchen and bath that imitate a perfectly natural process. In nature, a leaf or plant or rose never stays dirty, because living things possess a water resistant surface that protects them against, germs, bacteria, fungus and other toxins which can cause illness or even death. Tekon’s Bath, Stone, Countertop, and Stainless Steel Kits are ideal for cleaning, protecting and maintaining surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, making them ultra hygienic and free of bacteria, mold, viruses, and other toxins. The revolutionary coating and maintenance process makes kitchens and bathrooms look better than new.

Tekon’s home kits are easy to apply, chemical free, and safe for humans and pets. Tekon’s process coats surfaces, making them super hydrophobic and stain resistant. Since the Tekon process is based on beyond nano technology, a little of the product goes a long way. Surfaces are maintained by applying Empowered Daily and Empowered Plus Weekly sprays or Repellant wash with microfiber cloths and mops. Spraying and wiping kitchen and bathroom areas with microfiber cloth removes toxins from the top and helps reseal the surface. Microfiber sets up a static charge and collects dust, particles and dirt, rather than spreading it into the air.

Bret Aiken, says contemporary homes are much different than those built a generation ago.   “It’s not your mother’s house anymore,” said Aiken.  “Homes are now made with architectural materials such as natural stone, glass, ceramic tile, and stainless steel.  These materials are sensitive to chemicals, and can be damaged by abrasives.”

Tekon fills those microscopic crevices of granite and other silica-based stones, making a chemical bond
that makes the surface Hydrophobic as well as hygienic allowing the stone to breath. 

Tekon also works on grout. 

Tekon stops the penetration of contaminants, bacteria, mold, fungus, etc.,
making the surface easy to clean and maintaining the surface newness.

To Clean just use Tekon's After Care Products and
you can maintain your surfaces "Better than New"

Easy to Clean
Healthier House
Lifetime Protection
Keeps your surfaces
"Better than New"

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