Custom Stone Fabrications
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Rockaway Marble & Granite offers a variety of services to those looking to own natural stone products.  Please contact use if you have any questions regarding the services we provide.
Assistance in Stone selection ~ We provide a wide selection of slabs in our on-site warehouse.  We also have 9 wholesale locations which we collaborate with and you may visit to select your exact piece.

Edges ~ We provide our customers with 9 standard edges which is included in your pricing.  We also offer premium edges at a cost that is estimated on a linear foot price. 

Full service templating ~ Templating is a part of our measuring process.  We will come to your home to provide you with exact measurements in order to ensure that your pieces are cut to exact specification for your particular project.  The best part is - you don't have to remove your existing countertops in order for us to provide this service.

Full service stone fabrication ~ This process is customized by inviting you to our facility to layout your template on your chosen slab in order to get the exact look and feel you want in your home or commercial facility.  We pride ourselves in making sure that when your project is being layed out that we take into account where seams are located, giving you the seamless look that we are known for.  We are highly complimented in this area of our business by our customers making us the #1 choice for your project.

Full service stone installation ~ After completing the fabrication process at our facility, we carefully load the materials on our trucks and bring them to your home.  Materials are then unloaded and professionally installed.

Free estimates ~ In order for us to provide you with an estimate for your home or office, it is best for you to bring in a drawing of your kitchen or commercial project with measurements.  We will then take your measurements, calculate your square footage and provide you with an estimate.

Please keep in mind that when creating your drawing for us, you provide us with an idea of whether or not you will need a backsplash or tile; the number of sinks needed; whether your stove is a drop in or free standing; and whether or not this is a new or old construction. Final pricing is determined after the templating process.

Sinks and Faucets ~ We offer a wide variety of Artisan stainless steel undermount sinks. Most are available in 16 and 18 gauge.

Stone cleaner and sealer ~ In order to help you properly maintain your stone countertops, we offer our top of the line sealer, booster and everyday cleaner.  

We understand that home improvement projects can be frustrating and stressful. It is our goal to make sure that our part of the project goes as smoothly as possible. By walking you through each of these services and answering all of your questions, we hope that you will enjoy your experience with Rockaway Marble & Granite, Inc.